Dormer Loft Conversions in Newcastle

Here at Loft Conversion Newcastle, one of the main loft conversion services that we perform is a dormer loft. There are many uses to getting a dormer loft as opposed to a mansard and hip to gable, and while all options are good, it really depends on what you need. A dormer loft conversion is the best of both, allowing for an extension with the conversion while also maximising the amount of space you already must ensure you don’t extend too far. We ensure that we perform our dormer loft conversions to the highest quality and standard, as our workmanship is just as important to us for each job as any other. We ensure that we are reliable and professional, while also offering the best customer service within the Newcastle, United Kingdom area. This is important to us as a company, as we build our reputation on the projects we complete.

We provide our dormer loft conversion services in Longbenton, Swalwell, Callerton, Ryton, Washington, Jarrow, Forest Hall, Winlaton, Whickham, Hebburn,  Gateshead, Wallsend and other places around the Newcastle area.

How much does a Dormer Loft Conversion cost and should I get one?

​A dormer loft conversion is very different to a mansard and a hip to gable loft conversion, due to the benefits and the work involved in the project. Mansard loft conversions are designed to create as much space within the loft as possible, and through the extension of the mansard as well. The hip to gable is also designed to maximise as much space within the conversion while also ensuring not to extend outwards. With a dormer conversion, it is designed to both maximise the space available within the loft while also ensuring to extend the amount of space possible to use at the same time. The benefit to a dormer loft conversion is also that they can wrap around your home if you have a semi-detached home, ensuring your neighbour will not be troubled by the conversion itself. It is most suitable for terraced homes due to the extra space that is available, and semi-detached homes. A dormer loft conversion can cost a bit more than a hip to gable due to the extension of the roof that is necessary to ensure added space. The raw materials for the dormer conversion factor largely into the price and cost of a dormer conversion, as the steel beams and roofing materials necessary to blend the conversion in can be expensive. The labour costs to complete such a large job also contributes to the price of the conversion altogether. Often, the dormer conversion can be a few thousand more expensive than the hip to gable conversion, while also being a few thousand cheaper than a mansard loft conversion.

How much does a dormer loft conversion cost in Newcastle?

Here at Loft Conversion Newcastle, we provide our customers with the most efficient and professional service for home owners looking for a loft conversion. The second largest and one of the more common loft conversions within the city of Newcastle are dormer loft conversions. Their popularity is increasing due to the versatility of dormer loft conversions allowing you to both maximise the current space within the loft, and the ability to extend outwards. Due to the versatility and options that dormer loft conversions provide, the general cost and length of time the project takes to complete rises. Along with this cost, they also provide a significant return of investment for your home due to the overall size extension and the number of possible rooms a dormer conversion provides. The cost of a dormer loft conversion within the city of Newcastle and surrounding areas cost £27,000 on average. Once calculating the overall size and scope of the project that you may like to complete, dormer loft conversions could cost anywhere between £20,000 - £35,000 from the start of planning to completion of the project. Since the variety of dormer loft conversions can differ due to the overall construction work that needs to be completed, the raw materials and labour hours that are necessary to complete the project will change the overall budget. Loft Conversion Newcastle has become the best Newcastle loft conversion company within the area. We provide our services in Newcastle, Longbenton, Swalwell, Callerton, Ryton, Hebburn, Washington, Jarrow, Forest Hall, Winlaton, Whickham, Gateshead, Wallsend and many more. We ensure every loft conversion is cost-effective and professional. If you are looking for a loft conversion in Newcastle, then contact us today!
Newcastle Loft Conversions - Dormer Loft Conversion Newcastle
Newcastle Loft Conversions - Newcastle Dormer Conversions

​Dormer loft conversions are the second largest loft conversions available to home owners that we provide in the city of Newcastle. Dormer loft conversions vary in terms of the size and scale of the project, so they can differ in terms of the overall time it may take to complete. This means that dormer loft conversions could take anywhere from 4 – 8 weeks to complete from the start of planning to the completion of construction. The average dormer loft conversion in the city of Newcastle takes 6 weeks to complete. If you are looking for a dormer loft conversion within the city of Newcastle, call us at Loft Conversion Newcastle today. We provide loft conversions for home owners within Newcastle and the surrounding areas. We provide a professional and efficient service for all customers, so contact us today!

​Other important Dormer Loft Conversion information

Within the costs of the job, we also ensure that furnishings, plumbing and even finishing’s are factored within the costs. Some customers may find it easier to have us complete the electrical fittings and plumbing’s during the conversion, since we have employees who are more than experienced. Therefore, we also make sure to factor that into the budget to ensure you can receive a full, high class package within your loft conversion.

There are many things that you can also do with your dormer loft conversion once completed. Due to the amount of size that is added within your loft, you can include two rooms within your loft conversion as opposed to one. This means that you can fit within those rooms whatever your home needs, or rooms that you may like. Anything from a sauna and steam room, to a bathroom and bedroom are possible within a dormer loft conversion due to the size available. If you are looking to increase your loft space without expanding too much with a mansard loft conversion or without investing too much, a dormer loft conversion can be the perfect in between for a loft conversion.

If you are deciding between loft conversions and have considered dormer loft conversions, then give us a call at Loft Conversion Newcastle. We service Newcastle, United Kingdom and the surrounding areas such as Longbenton, Swalwell, Callerton, Ryton, Hebburn, Washington, Jarrow, Forest Hall, Winlaton, Whickham, Gateshead, Wallsend and others, then give us a call now on 02843555010 or fill out the form on the top!