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Wallsend Dormer Loft Conversion

The other day we spoke about mansard conversions in Newcastle, but over the last few months, we have been working on and have completed a dormer and hip to gable loft conversion within the city. The loft conversion itself was a relatively large one while still being small enough in terms of an extension to not need to apply for planning permission. This was a loft conversion designed to maximise the amount of space possible within the loft to create a double and single bedroom within the hip to gable section, while fitting the bathroom within the dormer extension. This is becoming a very common trend within the United Kingdom since you can gain two or three rooms worth of space within the loft while not needing to invest into a mansard conversion.

Dormer Conversion Specifics

​This specific dormer loft conversion was designed to fit a double bedroom, single bedroom and a bathroom which is a common loft conversion request. This specific loft conversion type can be tricky to navigate around while ensuring the room still has practical use due to the dormer conversion needing to be under a specific size. Anyone within the industry or who has converted their loft in the past are aware of the Permitted Development act, and the specifics around it. This also allows some leeway in terms of extensions however, and if you do not go over the space limit you don’t have to worry about applying for permission. This inevitably leads to customers trying to find the perfect balance between a conversion and extension while sometimes not keeping the practicality of the rooms themselves in mind. A hip to gable and dormer loft conversion is a good combination, but if you are to design your loft with the dormer on the side of the home rather than the back, you are losing the additional space the hip top gable provides.

Fortunately, while this customer was originally planning to put their dormer on the side of their loft, we managed to raise this concern before they decided to work with another loft conversion company who had already agreed to these plans. For obvious reasons, we cannot name who this company was, but either they were unaware of the design that the customer wanted or did not keep the homeowners best interests to heart. With this specific conversion, we managed to work out a much better combination of a larger single bedroom, the double bedroom and instead of a bathroom, an en-suite within the double bedroom. This both fit the original specifications of the home owner while not compromising the original hip to gable conversion.

Additional information we found interesting

​These workarounds are designed to make sure you can get the most out of your conversion as possible. Not every property is suitable for this workaround however. It is important to note the property itself is a large indicator as to which loft conversion would be most suitable for you, which we have explained throughout our site. This customer luckily had the suitable roof and home for both a hip to gable and dormer conversion, so the success rate of the conversion automatically increases. The project itself was also of the smaller side in compared to other recent loft conversion projects, making this one of our favourites in recent time.

I also personally enjoyed the design of the loft the home owner had created. Both the standard and the double bedroom were designed specifically for family members and you could see the level of detail and attention he put into the design. The double bedroom was a guest room for a specific family member, while the standard sized bedroom was for one of the children in the home. The design of the children’s room may have been one of my favourite I’ve seen in Newcastle for a loft conversion. It was gender neutral as a room, but I enjoyed the actual design because it was still an obvious children’s room. There was a mural on the wall of fish and other animals, with a nice mixture of sky blue throughout the room.

This was one of my more favourite loft conversions in Newcastle. Loft Conversion Newcastle as a company have been around for a while but in terms of design, the room was fantastic.

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