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Wallsend Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

​Hip to gable loft conversions have in history been the most common loft conversion for home owners to request by loft conversion companies. At Loft Conversion Newcastle, we have personally completed many Hip to Gable conversions year after year and it have become one of our speciality loft conversion services. Many often request a hip to gable loft conversion because they would like to increase the space within their loft along with the construction for one or two bedrooms. Most commonly, these lofts will either be created into a bedroom, or a bedroom and bathroom double. However, other customers would prefer to convert their loft into an entertainment or hobby room instead. One of the most recent hip to gable loft conversions that we completed in Newcastle was a home entertainment room, featuring a large home cinema system.

Construction of the hip to gable loft conversion

​The conversion itself was relatively straightforward compared to other loft conversions, only with a few smaller differences. One of these differences was instead of creating natural light within the room by using a skylight or a Velux window, we instead did all we could to block out natural light. Using a large fold-out door and tightening the loft boarding itself, we could block out any possible light leaks that may have been caused. Since the smallest gap within the loft boards or on the sides, above or under the doorway itself could leave exposure to light, we had to fill out the boarding on the sides of each board to ensure absolutely blockage. With the doorway, we also ensured as little leakage as possible by using a sliding door instead of a traditional push-pull door. The difference between the two is instead of the door being standard design, we created a gap on either side of the doorway and a small rail to ensure the ease of sliding the door on either side.

Before we insured that all-natural light was blocked from the room, we installed long but thin rectangular lights on the ceiling of the room. This is to allow light both for the conversion process, and for when the room is being used. Without the lighting fixture, it would make the room impractical. We also laid the carpeting of the home cinema room as soon as we had ensured to fill out the boards to install small LED lights within the carpet itself. The homeowner wanted the room to look as much like a normal cinema as possible, which gave the idea of the small lights. The smaller lights wouldn’t do much to light the room altogether, but were rather an aesthetical addition.

Other construction and conversion stuff

​Once the construction work had been completed and the door itself had been fitted to make sure that any natural light leaks had been eliminated, we began the installation of the home cinema itself. The actual screen that was used for the home cinema was a large projection sheet with the projector being positioned towards the back of the room, rather than hanging from the ceiling. The homeowner wanted most seats to be directly under the projection, but once they had seen the room in practise rather than theory, decided that it would be too difficult to manoeuvre the projector. They also felt that it was too dangerous to have hanging above their head, which I personally agreed with. The installation of the home cinema and entertainment system was the easiest and by far the quickest part of the loft conversion, and had been a joy to complete. It had also been one of our favourite hip to gable loft conversions we have provided.

Loft Conversion Newcastle employ many experts within the loft conversion field. We believe that in terms of our employees’ skill and knowledge, we provide the best loft conversions in Newcastle. We hope that you have enjoyed some of our blog posts such as our most recent one regarding a dormer loft conversion in Newcastle, and you also enjoy some of the others we have coming out in the future!

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