Loft Boardings in Newcastle

Another popular service that we provide here at Loft Conversion Newcastle is the option to board your loft. Loft boarding is simply beneficial to prepare your loft for the future conversion into another room. Other times it is used to add a new, safe space within your home to store things such as mementos and family heirlooms or souvenirs. You could use it just to store your Christmas decorations if you would like! Loft boarding is a surprisingly popular service that we offer here, and so we have become experts at providing regularly. We believe that we are becoming the best and most efficient to do so in the Newcastle, United Kingdom area such as Ryton, Washington, Jarrow, Forest Hall, Winlaton, Longbenton, Swalwell, Callerton, Whickham, Hebburn, Gateshead, Wallsend and more. People board up their loft for many reasons. Some will do it to create a new storage space within their homes to keep personal items safe or out of the way, and others will wish to turn it into a new, useable room and increase property value. As professionals, you can count on us to personally board your lofts to suit your needs, while also being available to convert your loft completely in the future or even during the job itself. The process is a useful way to increase space within your property, especially if you wish to sell the property in the future. If you would like this service or any other service done for you, please call Loft Conversion Newcastle right away!

How is a loft boarding completed?

​Many people are interested in the process of what we do any how we do a loft boarding, so we will explain some of the process that goes behind it.  Once we measure your loft to find out the specifics of the work that needs to be completed, we will finish the measuring for the size and span to prepare the boards for your loft. The loft boards will then be placed in a way to ensure as much stability, durability and strength as possible. The issue with amateurs boarding lofts is that often they will trap wires under the board, or lay them in a way that leaves weak points. It is also common for amateurs to forget to lay the boards in a staggered position, leaving the boarding itself unstable. Forgetting to do so will mean that there will be weak points across the boarding waiting for damages. Usually with loft boards, they are pre-packaged in two different sizes, meaning we will ensure to use the correct size and board for your loft. We will also make sure that the board itself is thick enough to match your needs, and for the loft boards to also match those needs. This is because if you want to use your loft for storage or a room, they will require different boards. We will then (if necessary) convert the hatch of the loft to turn into a staircase or ladder. We will do this in a way that is safe and practical for you to use.
Newcastle Loft Conversions - Loft Boarding in Newcastle
Newcastle Loft Conversions - Loft boarding Newcastle

​Another important thing that we keep in mind when boarding lofts is to ensure that the newly converted loft will be as insulated as possible (or for those who wish, otherwise). Many can accidentally use the wrong type of boarding which will mean that the wood is not thick enough for the specific loft, or may even not put enough boarding on the floor altogether. The opposite is also an issue, with some making the boards too thick which will leave the room improperly insulated. This will stop heat from being trapped and will allow cold wind into the room. Therefore, the size and length of the room becomes a factor when boarding a loft, and why we ensure at Loft Conversion Newcastle to measure the boards and the room correctly.

The final step when boarding a loft is to ensure that the boarding’s themselves will have as long a shelf life as possible. Full care and attention will be taken into drilling the holes into the boards and screwing them individually to ensure that they are lined up with the centre of the joist. Incorrectly doing this will mean that there is a disaster waiting to happen for your loft, financially and even physically. Filling the room with heavy equipment, appliances and even common inventory means that the loft needs to be structurally sound and stable, and is also why you should call a professional.

If you are looking for a professional and efficient company to do this for you in the Newcastle, United Kingdom area or surrounding areas like Ryton, Washington, Callerton, Whickham, Hebburn, Gateshead, Wallsend, Jarrow, Forest Hall, Winlaton, Longbenton, Swalwell and others, give us a call now on 02843555010 or fill out the form at the top of the page!