Loft Conversion Costs Newcastle

Costs of a loft conversion in Newcastle

While we have spoken about mansard, dormer and hip to gable loft conversions that we have completed in the city of Newcastle, we wanted to quickly discuss some more specific information regarding loft conversions in Newcastle itself. Here at Loft Conversion Newcastle, we have completed numerous loft conversions in and around the city of Newcastle, and we have also constructed and completed many different loft conversion types. Over the years, we have also noticed a trend regarding the average price and other information regarding the loft conversions themselves. Since we and many of our employees live within the city, we naturally feel that we have built a large pool of knowledge and information regarding the conversions within the city themselves. We have also built a relatively large amount of collective experience to discuss what we personally believe the averages are (and should be) within the city.

​How much does a hip to gable loft conversion cost in Newcastle?

​From our experience, the average cost of smaller loft conversions such as hip to gable loft conversions within the city of Newcastle is anywhere from £16,000 to £25,000. Some hip to gable loft conversions can be over the £25,000 mark depending on what construction work, labour hours and raw materials need to go into the project itself. It would not be surprising to see the loft conversion go over this mark, but the average would usually be under. Since the homes within Newcastle are often built within the same template, if you are looking for a hip to gable loft conversion I wouldn’t expect to pay over the average.

How much does a dormer loft conversion cost in Newcastle?

The average cost of a medium sized loft conversion such as a dormer conversion would usually be £20,000 – £40,000. This is once again determined by the size of the project itself, whether planning permission is necessary for the loft conversion or not, and what kind of raw materials and how many raw materials would be necessary to complete the project efficiently and for safe use. This is also where labour costs would start to become a factor into the conversion, since the contractors and our employees would be paid by the hour. If there are unforeseen circumstances outside of our specific work that results in a delay of our construction, then the labour cost would automatically rise within reason. This is where working with a company such as us would be beneficial however, since we would do everything in our power to work around this for you.

How much does a mansard loft conversion cost in Newcastle?

​For a larger loft conversion such as a mansard conversion, you could be looking at anywhere from £30,000 – £50,000. Since mansard conversions are very dependent on the expansion size and the raw materials that need to be used, you could be looking at under or over the average mark. If you are looking for a grand mansard conversion size that could increase the living space of your home with four or five additional rooms, then it is natural that more labour hours and raw materials would have to be invested into the project. This is something that cannot be taken shortcuts with, since it is vital with mansard conversions that every phase of the project is completed with attention to detail and absolute focus. The safety aspects and concerns that mansard conversions can raise make this very important for us as a company and for the homeowner who would like to use it.

Overall, the costs are dependent on several factors. The main factor into a loft conversion price is the size of the project itself, while the other main factor is the raw materials and labour costs that would need to be invested to ensure a safe and secure project completion. Any good loft conversion company in Newcastle will ensure that they do as much as possible to lower the budget for your conversion without endangering any aspect of the project itself. That is why it is always important to consult on projects before you choose a company and quote. If you enjoyed todays post, please stick around for the next one!

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