Loft Conversions in Newcastle

Here at Loft Conversion Newcastle, we can provide high quality loft conversion services for anyone in the Newcastle, United Kingdom area and surrounding areas such as Ryton, Washington, Forest Hall, Winlaton, Callerton, Whickham, Longbenton, Swalwell, Hebburn, Gateshead, Wallsend, Jarrow and others. This is a service we have provided the residents and customers for many years, building a reputation as trustworthy loft conversion specialists who are able to build your loft into whatever you would like.

As a loft conversion company, our first point of objective is to be as forward thinking and innovative as possible while also ensuring that all lofts and areas that we have worked on are as structurally sound and safe as possible. Any lofts that have been converted are done under the highest calibre. While we try to innovate, the practical usages and standards must always be put into place. This means the foundations are built to last for a long period of time and to see a lot of usage that is durable to wear and tear. Remember, we provide a wide array of loft conversion services such as Loft DesignLoft Boarding and Loft Extensions so we are more than able to help you.

What kinds of lofts can we convert?

We convert lofts of all shapes and sizes, and we can carry out loft conversions using any guideline that we have given to us. Whatever room you would like us to convert your loft into or whatever additions that you would like us to add we are able to do so. We begin every loft conversion by carrying out a loft boarding service, which ensures that the foundations of the loft can withstand a long time. The loft boarding also allows you to safely place heavy items in the loft without having to worry about the weight or size. The safer and more efficient that the lofts are boarded, the safer the loft is to use on a day to day basis. After the boarding the loft will be properly insulated to ensure that the room will stay the temperature that you would like it to. This is important as some people like to turn their lofts into a room with a fish tank or a place for other animals to live, so temperature becomes an important aspect. It is also important if you would like to turn the loft into a bedroom, as you will need to be able to properly control the temperature without allowing the room to become uncomfortable. There could be any number of reasons you will need your loft to be properly insulated so that air does not escape the room through crevices or poorly-placed loft boarding and insulation, which is why we ensure that we take as much time and care insulating and boarding the loft as much as any other aspect. Once the foundations are strong and sound and the room has been correctly insulated, we will then install the proposed entry into the loft. Some prefer a staircase to lead into the loft if they have the spacing available to them, while others prefer a simpler ladder or staircase. Any proposed entry is okay if you have the space required to do so, and we will do our utmost to work around it if you do not. Finally, once the proposed entry is set in, we will also include any additions that you may like as well. This can include anything from skylights and windows to a balcony or even a hidden storage safe. Once again, this is completely down to your own discretion and preference and we will be more than happy to add them for you.
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The general price of loft conversions within the city of Newcastle can range largely due to the size and scale variations of each project. At Loft Conversion Newcastle, we have completed many loft conversions of all shapes and sizes, and we have calculated an average cost based on previously completed projects. We will be giving the general average prices for each loft conversion on their respective service pages and the home page itself to help inform customers of average prices and timescales. We will however attempt to provide a general average cost for loft conversions in Newcastle, so you have some idea of how much a loft conversion may cost. We provide these loft conversions in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Within the city of Newcastle, the general cost of a loft conversion could be anywhere from £15,000 - £55,000 depending on the specifications for the project itself. After calculating the average cost for a loft conversion in Newcastle would be close to £25,000 from planning to the completion of construction. This is based on multiple projects that we have completed within the city of Newcastle, so the average ranges due to the larger projects that we have completed such as Mansard loft conversions. Hip to gable loft conversions and dormer loft conversions can generally be cheaper depending on the project that you would like to be completed, and because they are smaller than the average mansard loft conversion.

If you are in the city of Newcastle and you are looking for a loft conversion, then contact Loft Conversion Newcastle today! We provide the best loft conversions in Newcastle, and we also service Callerton, Whickham, Longbenton, Swalwell, Hebburn, Gateshead, Wallsend, Jarrow, Ryton, Washington, Forest Hall, Winlaton and more.

How long does a loft conversion take in Newcastle?

​Loft conversions in the city of Newcastle generally vary in terms of the time it could take to complete, ranging between 3 – 12 weeks to complete from planning to the end of construction. Based on the previous projects that we have completed, we have managed to calculate the general average to complete a loft conversion in Newcastle. The average loft conversion in Newcastle would take 6 weeks to complete. The general timescale of these projects can significantly rise depending on the extension space required to complete (if any), and other factors such as potential delays and additions. Here at Loft Conversion Newcastle, we provide this service for customers in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for the best Newcastle Loft Conversion company, then contact us today!

Loft Conversion benefits

There are many reasons you would want to convert your loft, not starting with the significant increase in property value that it would provide. With extra living space in your home, you can afford to place whatever you would like within the loft. You can create a second bedroom or a new hobby room. You can create a home cinema and black out the remainder of the room so you feel like you are in a cinema yourself. You can even create a room dedicated to pets or anything else you could imagine. A second bathroom is also possible. Whatever you would like us to create, we are more than able to do so.

If you live in the Newcastle, United Kingdom area or any surrounding area such as Callerton, Whickham, Longbenton, Swalwell, Hebburn, Gateshead, Wallsend, Jarrow, Ryton, Washington, Forest Hall, Winlaton and others, then just give us a call at 02843555010 or fill out the form on the top and we will provide you with a non-obligation free quote.