Loft Design and Implementation in Newcastle

Here at Loft Conversion Newcastle, we believe that one of the most important and a key part of the entire loft conversion process is the design. We personally feel that customer is always right when it comes to the design ideas of the newly converted loft, and we encourage our customers to either try to come up with the design themselves, or have a vision that they will already be enamoured with. If you have a rough idea of a design for the loft or have ideas, we will also love to help you bring those ideas and the vision alive. Even if you cannot draw yourself or are unable to communicate the vision on your mind, we can try to walk you through the process and hopefully jog everything into mind. However, we often get asked ourselves to design the lofts for the customer. This is often by the customer relaying to us what they would like to turn their loft space into, and then giving us some ideas of what they might like to see. We can design lofts in locations such as Wallsend, Longbenton, Swalwell, Gateshead, Washington, Winlaton, Whickham, Jarrow, Forest Hall, Callerton, Ryton, Hebburn and the city of Newcastle.

What type of rooms do we design?

Often, we are asked to turn the loft into a child’s bedroom, and most of the time it is gender specific. So, we will try to offer ideas and support on what would be suitable by gender. Other times, it would not be gender specific and we create a very neutral room designed to be applicable to both boys and girls while keeping a child-like bedroom. Other times we would design a games room or a video games room and for the most part this is a process you can be very hands on with and relay what you would and wouldn’t like, or what you would agree and disagree with what we suggest. We would not make any decisions that you would not first agree to and love. It would be brainstorming possible wallpapers and furnishings on the wall such as paintings or pictures, just as we would suggest carpeting or hardwood floors. Everything will be run by you with a specific vision in mind from us. We have a creative group of people that would love to help you with this!

Implementing the design

The implementation is also something that will be easy for us while including your input on. Once we can decide on the basics such as materials that you would like to use and colour schemes as well as possible furnishings and furniture, we would start to bring this to life. After ordering the various types of materials and equipment that would be needed, we will take great care into converting the room into exactly what you would like from the way the room is painted and fitted into the colouring and the overall aesthetics of the room. Not only will the room look exactly how you would like it to, it would also be done in a way that is efficient and clean. We will also ensure that the room blends in together exactly the way that you would like it in a professional and efficient manner. We would also like to make sure that once the finishing touches are made to the loft, there is nothing that you would like to change or anything that you might feel should be replaced. For us here at Loft Conversion Newcastle, your happiness is our main priority as we wouldn’t have business if it wasn’t for you, but we also enjoy the satisfaction our customers get from seeing their dream come to life. Because it can be difficult for some to relay their needs when discussing a creative endeavour, we will ensure that you will receive support that you are comfortable with. Please get into contact with us here at Loft Conversion Newcastle if you have any design ideas, or if you would like us to help you convert your loft into a new room and assist you in the design of your new living space.If you are looking for a creative design team for your loft conversion in the Newcastle, United Kingdom area or surrounding areas like Wallsend, Longbenton, Swalwell, Gateshead, Washington, Winlaton, Whickham, Jarrow, Forest Hall, Callerton, Ryton, Hebburn and others, give us a call now on 02843555010 or fill out the form at the top of the page!
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