Loft Renovations in Newcastle

​One of the more common services that are requested of us here at Loft Conversion Newcastle are loft renovation projects. Many of the Newcastle loft conversion services that we complete are loft renovations since customers may have had their lofts converted in the past that they would like to either redesign or re-purpose. Many customers have converted their lofts in the past and have decided that they would like a different design and additions to be included within their loft, or they have decided that the rooms purpose is no longer necessary and they would instead like to turn their living space into a different room fit for purpose. This is something that we have completed in the past professionally and efficiently, and we provide this service not just in the city of Newcastle but also in the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne area such as Ryton, Washington, Callerton, Whickham, Longbenton, Swalwell, Hebburn, Gateshead, Wallsend, Jarrow, Forest Hall, Winlaton and many others.

How much does a loft renovation cost?

A loft renovation is on average cheaper than a loft conversion dependent on the needs and requirements. It can cost anywhere between £5,000 - £20,000 depending on the redesign or re-purposing required for the room. However, the price for a loft renovation can increase higher depending on the luxury of the new room purpose. For example, if you plan to turn a double bedroom into a wet room, then the price can largely increase. The price is dependent on several different factors, such as the size of the loft and the furniture and finishing’s that you would like to include with the renovation. If you have a mansard loft conversion for example, the overall budget would need to be higher than a hip to gable or a dormer loft conversion considering the different in overall size and space. If you have a specific vision and idea in mind, I would recommend discussing this with us here at Loft Conversion Newcastle, since we are able to provide an accurate quote and idea into costs while also giving you the possibility for alternatives too. A loft renovation can be a very cost-effective investment to make if you are to repurpose your loft rather than to keep your current loft as it is. A good example of this would be if you had an entertainment room within your loft rather than a bedroom. An entertainment room is good for those within the home who wish to have a usable room they could chill out and rest within, but another bedroom gives you many different benefits. They can increase the property value within your home since your property is now able to house an extra one or two people, or you could even use it as a guest room. ​You may even be able to use the bedroom as a rental room, allowing you to gain anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand a month on renting the room out. These are small things to consider when re-purposing your home, since the opposite may be applicable too. An entertainment value may return more to you than the bedroom, since you can use it for your own enjoyment and needs.
Newcastle Loft Conversions - Loft Renovations Newcastle
Newcastle Loft Conversions - Loft Renovations in Newcastle

A loft renovation does not take as long as you may think either. The average loft renovation takes 4 weeks if you need a design, furnishing and finishing renovation. The average loft renovation for re-purposing needs can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on the requirements of the new room. If you are looking to completely re-purpose the loft and the conversion itself is a mansard or dormer loft conversion, then naturally it would take longer to complete than a hip to gable loft conversion. Part of the reason for a longer service time is due to the extra space and needs, but it is also important for both us as a loft conversion company in Newcastle and for you as a customer to ensure complete safety and structurally sound work.

If you are looking to either redesign or repurpose a current loft conversion, then give us a call at Loft Conversion Newcastle. We service Newcastle and the surrounding areas such as Ryton, Washington, Callerton, Whickham, Longbenton, Swalwell, Hebburn, Gateshead, Wallsend, Jarrow, Forest Hall, Winlaton and others, then give us a call now on 02843555010 or fill out the form on the top!