Mansard Loft Conversions Gateshead

Mansard Loft Conversions Gateshead

​Often, we are tasked with completing mansard loft conversions within the Gateshead area due to the large number of home owners who are in increasing need of additional living space within their home. Many of these homeowners have run out of space to extend their homes both on the side of their homes as well as above their home. This is becoming an increasingly common issue with home owners in Gateshead due to the way planning permission was granted when these homes were built. Since many of them are either semi-detached or terraced, there is only so much space available on the ground level of the home, especially when taking into consideration the boundary disputes regarding the property between neighbours. That is why home owners are now looking for alternative ways to create as much space without having to compromise on the project itself.

Mansard loft conversions are almost an extension within the top of your home due to the amount of additional space and living areas that can be created with it. Due to the overall size of the mansard conversion and the amount that it can be set outwards, it is a very efficient way of creating this space without having to compromise on projects, nor the structural design or the aesthetical look of your home. You can create additional living rooms or you could even create one large balcony if you wish, and many home owners within the Gateshead area are quickly adopting to this trend since it is a smarter financial investment and a much more efficient way for a home extension than the standard home extensions you would have seen or had completed within your home.

Cost of a mansard loft conversion in Gateshead?

​The average mansard conversion is also relatively cost-effective for home owners in the Gateshead and Newcastle area also. The average cost of a mansard loft conversion in the Gateshead area is anywhere between £30,000 – £55,000, completely dependent on the project that you would like completed and the specifications of the project itself. The average cost of a mansard conversion in Gateshead specifically would be closer to £35,000 per project. We have come to this conclusion due to the projects that we have completed ourselves within the area, but this should only be used as a guideline rather than an estimation of the cost of your project itself. Since a mansard loft conversion could provide you with up to 5 different rooms worth of living space, it is no wonder why the conversion itself is considered on the same standard as a home extension.

How long does a mansard loft conversion take in Gateshead?

​A mansard loft conversion can also be relatively faster to complete compared to an ordinary home extension. Since the average timescale of a mansard loft conversion in Gateshead is anywhere between 6 – 14 weeks, it would still be within or under the average of a home extension or addition within the United Kingdom and Newcastle itself. Within the Gateshead area, you would realistically be looking at an average of 7 – 8 ½ weeks to complete a standard mansard conversion. While this does take the longest to complete compared to most loft conversion options, it is still both efficient and financially viable compared to other alternatives.

We have recently completed a relatively large mansard loft conversion within the Gateshead area that took a total of 9 weeks to complete due to the sheer size of the conversion itself. This includes the wait time for the planning permission to be accepted, which can play a major role in the overall length the project could take too. Since the home owner wanted to create 4 additional rooms of living space, you could imagine the size of the mansard itself. However, because the rooms were created with an efficient and compact design, the constructed mansard itself looked both excitingly unique but also neat and tidy.

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