Mansard Loft Conversions Wallsend

Mansard Loft Conversions in Wallsend

One of the most commonly requested projects that we are asked to complete in the Newcastle area specifically are mansard loft conversions. I personally think that mansards are more common within the city’s limits because the average family is either growing still, or the home owners themselves are newer families that do not have the living space (specifically, bedrooms and bathrooms) to accommodate their already grown family. Since mansards give you the most possible space of all loft conversion options, this seems to be the likely reason. I have also come to this conclusion as the customers that I have served themselves either had a partner who was pregnant at the time of the conversion undergoing, or because the number of bedrooms itself did not match the number of children within the family.

This is not necessarily a social commentary on the increasing rise of birth-rates. Instead, this is merely an observation that homes within Newcastle that are affordable to the average homeowner lack the bedrooms to match the increase in child birth. That is one of the reasons builders and loft conversion companies such as us are more helpful to the community than we may realise. Since builders often perform additions, remodelling projects or extensions to homes to add bedrooms to match the increase in birth rates, loft conversion companies in Newcastle such as us provide a similar service. Personally, I’m happier with more people to share the projects that we complete. And I’m also happier with growing families having more space for their children, since living in cramped conditions if you can afford to change that is a benefit both to the parents and the children themselves.


The mansard conversion specifically also provides a lot of space for the home owners themselves to benefit from. Apart from adding the bedroom and bathroom that is needed, it also means that if the mansard is large enough you could add a home office or hobby room. While this is not a necessity of living space such as a bedroom or bathroom, it does mean that if you work from home you have both a suitable place to work within working hours (9:00AM – 5:00PM) while also meaning that if your child is still a new-born and you decide to put the nursery within the loft, you can always keep a close eye on them. It works out for the parent both professionally and personally, since as a new parent you are always concerned about the welfare and safety of your child.

Mansard conversions are also useful within Newcastle because of the space of the homes themselves. There is usually only so much space for extensions within your home. If you can extend, it would usually only be towards one side. You could extend both on the lower ground and then a second story, but usually anywhere past the start of the roof is both impractical, expensive and does not bring a huge enough return of investment both in property value and in the living space it would provide. That is why a mansard conversion can be a relatively cheap but useful form of home extensions. It technically adds an additional storey within your home for a very competitive price compared to a home extension. Since it is on the top of your home too, you can usually get additional benefits from the mansard conversion such as adding a balcony or soundproofing the home.

Final Thoughts

​Since we believe we are the best company providing a service such as a loft conversion Newcastle offers currently, we are more than happy to complete these projects for members within our community. We understand the investment you are making as a growing family, and we make sure to do everything possible for you to get a rood return on that investment from resourcing the best materials as cheaply as possible, to fitting all construction and work around your specific needs. If you need a mansard conversion in Newcastle, I recommend contacting Loft Conversion Newcastle today!

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