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Here at Loft Conversion Newcastle we provide our customers and clients with a variety of loft conversion services such as hip to gable conversions and dormer conversions. While hip to gable and dormer loft conversions are both suitable options depending on the project and the design, you may need to consider a mansard loft conversion if you are considering a larger project. Hip to gable conversions are very specific depending on the type of roof that you may have, while dormer loft conversions are rather a smaller extension within your conversion. A mansard loft conversion however, is designed to create what is in short, a large extension with your loft conversion that will allow you to add two or even three rooms with your loft conversion. ​ We undergo many mansard conversion projects in the city of Newcastle and the surrounding areas such as Wallsend, Longbenton, Swalwell, Gateshead, Washington, Jarrow, Forest Hall, Callerton, Ryton, Hebburn, Winlaton, Whickham and more.

Should I get a mansard loft conversion?

​For homes in Newcastle, United Kingdom and the surrounding areas in Tyne and Wear, a mansard loft conversion may be the best option due to the design of the homes themselves. Many properties in Newcastle, England have wide loft space, but they either have flat roofs, or roofs that are relatively low. A mansard loft conversion would eliminate that problem by both lifting the overall height of the loft during the conversion, while also maximising and increasing the space within the loft itself. A mansard is probably the most expensive of all options, but that same cost is paid back from both the comfort of the room itself and the added property value that comes with extended living spaces. Mansard loft conversions can become expensive to some for a variety of factors. The materials cost for a mansard loft outweigh the materials that are necessary for a hip to gable or a dormer conversion. The steel beams and planning permissions that are required due to the allotted space extending past the PD (Permitted Development Law) mean that more materials are required, naturally. ​The same can also be said for the labour costs that are required through a mansard loft conversion due to the manhours needed to both safely and securely build the mansard conversion. This is the industry standard for companies in the United Kingdom and around the world, but with the investment that would be provided for the mansard conversion means that we as a company have a duty to ensure that investment is spent wisely with both the quality of workmanship and the smart distribution of funds to ensure the budget is not overspent.

Cost of a mansard loft conversion in Newcastle?

​Here at Loft Conversion Newcastle, we have completed many loft conversions within the city of Newcastle. The largest loft conversion option available to home owners are mansard loft conversions, which are popular within the city of Newcastle due to the extension of space that they may provide your conversion. The variety of designs and options that a mansard loft conversion may provide your home also plays a significant part of why they are so popular. The mansard conversion itself is also suitable to many Newcastle homes, as many are detached with the ability to safely place large extensions. The scale and scope of mansard loft conversions make them the most expensive of all loft conversion options, as the raw materials and labour costs are significantly higher than dormer or hip to gable loft conversions. The average mansard loft conversion within the city of Newcastle costs £35,000 to complete from the start of planning to the completion of construction. The general cost bracket of a mansard loft conversion within the city of Newcastle can cost anywhere from £30,000 - £55,000 depending on the overall size and scope of the project itself. The largest cost factor for mansard loft conversions are the raw materials and labour costs to complete the project itself. The larger the mansard conversion in terms of extension space, the higher the overall price because of the raw materials and labour hours that are necessary to complete the project. Here at Loft Conversion Newcastle, we have become the best Newcastle loft conversion company within the area. If you need a loft conversion in Newcastle, then contact us today! We provide our services in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.
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​Mansard loft conversions is the largest loft conversion available to home owners, and take the longest due to the overall scope of the project. The actual size of mansard loft conversions and the construction work that is necessary to complete the project plays a significant factor into the overall timescale of a mansard loft conversion. Within the city of Newcastle, the average mansard loft conversion takes 8 weeks to complete from the start of planning to the completion of construction. Mansard loft conversions may also take anywhere from 6 – 12 weeks depending on the specifications of the project itself. We provide our Newcastle Loft Conversion services for home owners in the city of Newcastle and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a loft conversion, then contact us today!

What are the benefits to a mansard loft conversion over other loft conversions?

​The benefits to those expenses however far outweigh the costs overall. The added property value is the main selling point for a mansard loft conversion, as it allows you to add a very large amount of living space or utility space within your roof. This means that you (may) still have the option to extend your home on the lower floors, allowing for additional space elsewhere. You also have a very large amount of space added with the mansard conversion, allowing for two or maybe a third room altogether to add into your home. Fitting an additional bathroom and bedroom within your home will allow you to sell your home with a higher price than you may otherwise been able to. For some locations, this can even be an increase of £100,000+. When you consider the option to extend your home elsewhere, you can exponentially increase the property value and amount of living space within your home.

The other added benefit of such a large amount of additional space within your home is the living space that you can do with as you please. You can turn your mansard conversion into anything from a sauna and steam room to a rooftop pool if you would like. You can create hobby rooms or additional bedrooms for children. The option of what you can do with a mansard conversion is down to your own choice. This is probably the largest benefit if you plan on keeping your home and not selling it, as you would find many years of use from the mansard loft.

If you are considering a mansard loft conversion, then give us a call at Loft Conversion Newcastle. We have experience with all types of loft conversions, and have become Newcastle’s premier loft conversion company. We service Newcastle, United Kingdom and the surrounding areas such as Wallsend, Callerton, Ryton, Hebburn, Winlaton, Whickham, Longbenton, Swalwell, Gateshead, Washington, Jarrow, Forest Hall and others, then give us a call now on 02843555010 or fill out the form on the top!