Why velux loft conversions are so popular in Newcastle

Loft conversions have recently become the most popular home extensions service in the UK, beating out extensions and conservatories! The reasons to see why are fairly clear; the lack of extra construction work means they are done quicker, are often cheaper, and relaxing planning permission rules mean that they are now easier to obtain. With this increase in loft conversions, while there are 4 main types – Dormer, Mansard, velux (rooflight) & hip-to-gable, one is taking serious leaps in popularity in Newcastle – the humble velux conversion!

These conversions aren’t always obvious to see from the outside like others, but they’re so named due to the rooflights placed onto them, which normally come from a specialised company called velux, who supply their unique brand of windows to builders across the UK. These windows are built to resist the elements, even on a roof, and in some cases come with built-in balconies to eke just a little more room into your new loft conversion and blinds as an alternative to curtains!

There are 4 main reasons why velux conversions are more popular than any other conversion:

Lack of Planning Permission

Because velux conversions don’t need to change the overall structure of the roof, they are very unlikely to require planning permission, as they fall under permitted developments. They also usually don’t overlook neighbours properties and gardens due to the way they face upwards as opposed to outwards, like on a regular wall. This will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run as you won’t need to apply for planning permission, wait for an answer, then adapt or confirm the works!

Improved Natural Light

Rooflights will give you much more natural light throughout the day than regular widows ever could. This is because flat widows give you sunlight during some hours of the day, because the sun can go above and around them and in the case of north-facing windows, your room may not get any sunlight at all! Skylight windows don’t suffer from this problem, as they face the sky, so they capture more sunlight as the sun moves along the sky!


While Mansard conversions do hide most of a changed roof’s structure, they still look odd, and when it comes to Dormer conversions, they can be an absolute eye-sore for some due to how cumbersome they can look! Velux conversions get away from all this by keeping your roofs original structure, and just adding windows into it, which can sometimes be seen at the ground level, but don’t take anything away from the feel of your roof and home!


Last but not least, velux conversions cost dramatically less than most other conversions (in some cases, as much as £15,000 less!) as all they require is for the loft to be insulated, perhaps fabricated walls put up, decorated the way you want, and windows, electrics and perhaps plumbing installed! As they don’t require us to knock down your roof, and rebuild it into a different structure, while keeping your home’s structure safe, that saves a lot of money!

While velux conversions are gaining more popularity in Newcastle for a reason, we understand each home-owner has different needs and desires for their new loft conversion. So if you have any questions for us, or just want to get in touch, click here and we’ll help guide and advise you through what you might need!

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